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Hello Laonikos Psimikakis-Chalkokondylis, Thank you for your feedback.Your account was registered on Twoo after you accepted the invitation you received from one of your email contacts.

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The name in the invitation is the name under which the invite sender has you saved in their contacts and it is not in any way influenced by Twoo.

Unfortunately we have no way of checking where and when this person came into your email address. u better go down the roads & start begging , just stop spamming peoples online goddamn it, u losers.

Unacceptable — I try to go to the website to delete whatever profile has unsolicitedly been created with my details, but if I try to "log on" using the details provided, I am taken to a registration page again. Only way to delete my account was to go to the FAQ, under "delete account", then click the link provided, which would somehow bypass the "registration" stage and allow me to delete my account.

Now, as to whether this will be a long-term solution, this remains to be seen.

If you wish to delete your account from the site you can do so in your Settings.

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